Business Services
(Looking for Residential IT Services?)

MontanaSky Networks is proud to offer a full suite of IT services, including: server, desktop, network, backup, security and WiFi support.

Our goal is to partner with your business and create a reliable IT infrastructure that just works, and continues to work.  That is why we price our service “per device” rather than billing you by the hour.  We want to minimize IT distractions so that you can focus on your core business activities.

Our IT Service benefits:

  • Remote management. We can detect issues and perform updates before they cause problems for you.
  • Per-device model. Our goal is to keep your business running, not find ways to bill you hours.
  • Very scalable. Geared towards your growing workforce.
  • Off-site backup & disaster recovery. Use our off-site servers to keep your data safe.
  • Three levels of service options available. Get in touch with us to find out what level of I.T. service is ideal for you.
  • Free initial consultation and quote. Let us show you how we can help!

Complete PC Care – Residential Services

Subscription Price: $15.95/Month for ISP customers and $19.95/Month for non-customers.

Repair / MaintenanceResidential IT ServiceÀ la carte pricingSubscription
PC Tune-up$39.95Included
Virus Removal – Basic$149.00Included
Virus Removal – Full$179.95Included
Memory / Hardware Install$29.95-$99.95Included
Operating System Install$89.95Included
Software Install$29.95Included
PC Password Reset$34.95Included
Printer Setup$39.95-$79.95Included
Email Setup$12.00 /eachIncluded
Data ManagementSecure Data Removal$15.00 /eachIncluded
PC Restore Media$29.95Included
Data Backup & Storage$69.00Included
Data Recovery Estimate$49.95Included
Data Recovery – Transfer$99.00Included
Data Recovery – Level 1$199.95Included
Data Recovery – Level 2$449.95$359.95
SupportRemote Support$21 /15min30 min/mth
Remote Support – Immediate$39 /15min30 min/mth
At Home Support$95 /hr$76 /hr
Anti-VirusCloud Managed Anti-Virus$4.95/month$4.95/month

Our home anti-virus solution is ranked #1 in the world, provided by BitDefender. Rather than having to renew every year, enter new license keys and other annoyances, we have a simple subscription model that is always up to date and never expires. In addition to the typical anti-virus features, you will have regular scans and improvements by our team in response to local and global threats that we see accross our customer base.

Our cloud managed anti-virus is just $4.95 a month per computer. Pair this with our Residential IT plan for a complete worry free solution covering a vast array of IT services, including cleanup options, email help, backup assistance and much more.

Some included services subject to monthly maximums, see terms and conditions for more information. Subscription terms have a minimum 12 month commitment. Pricing varies by payment method and device quality. Discounts are available for existing MontanaSky customers.